A Message from the President

Dear Friends of the League,
The Junior League of Johnson City is a training ground for the next generation of female leaders, community activists and volunteers, and I am glad that you are interested in our organization!
When I think about why I joined the League, I think about the Oprah Winfrey quote that says “Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.” For me, it embodies why I joined the League and why I have continued to devote my time and energy to its work. The members. The women comprising this League are the best of the best, remarkable citizens making a lasting impact on the community around us. This coming League year, we are going to make a difference in upper east Tennessee, but we are going to do it by training ourselves, forming relationships and having a whole lot of fun!
Since 1947, the League has been a vital part of the Johnson City Community. We have helped establish major community agencies such as Watauga Mental Health, HandsOn! Museum and the Children’s Advocacy Center. In fact, we have donated $60,000 in the last three years to the Johnson City Public Library while logging hundreds of volunteer hours through a variety of projects. In May, we adopted a new community impact area of women and children’s health with a specific focus on maternal health and prescription drug abuse. Tennessee ranks second per capita in the U.S. for prescription drug abuse, and Upper East Tennessee is the worst area in the state. We have seen a nearly ten-fold rise in the incidence of babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) over the past decade, and things like NAS, substance abuse, smoking and obesity are creating steep increases in infant mortality. It is a real epidemic, and its ripples are seeping into every area of our community. The Junior League of Johnson City is passionate about serving this need in community.
The advancements we make are done with pride and excitement because we know it is to serve a bigger picture and to make a difference in the lives of others. If you would like to connect with women of similar interests or if you would like to take part in a collaborative partnership with our organization, please contact me! We invite you to participate in our work! For 68 years, the League has served as a catalyst for lasting community change, and we look forward to continue this legacy for many more years!
Warm Regards,
Elizabeth Williams